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Marshall hits Lily with what after he proposes?Pilot
Thing Ted pretends he is buying at the store?Purple Giraffe
Barney's luggage contains?Sweet Taste of Liberty
Name one of the things Ted fondly remembers about Natalie.Return of the Shirt
Barney says that there are 24 similarities between women and what?Okay Awesome
The Slutty Pumpkin's drink?Slutty Pumpkin
Unusual creature in Ted and Marshall's apartment?Matchmaker
Place Lily's apartment has been turned into?The Duel
Sport Marshall's family has created?Belly Full of Turkey
Name of the shot that Carl creates?The Pineapple Incident
'Celebrity' that joins the gang on New Years?The Limo
First thing that Marshall and Lily agree about for the wedding?The Wedding
Fake name Victoria uses?Drumroll, Please
'I want to know you, like _____ _____ _____.'Zip, Zip, Zip
What Barney refers to Ted's embarrassing story as?Game Night
Where is Marshall's dream internship?Cupcake
The song Marshall and Lily sing?Life Among the Gorillas
Who do Marshall, Lily, and Barney hang out with?Nothing Good Happens After 2 AM
Cutout Ted and Marshall use on Sandy?Mary the Paralegal
What Scooter wants to be?Best Prom Ever
What Robin shows Ted to cheer him up?Milk
What Ted does to stop Robin's camping trip?Come On
The pet George Clinton buys Lily?Where Were We?
What Ted orders to cure his hangover?The Scorpion and the Toad
What Ted and his dad talk about if things get uncomfortable?Brunch
Movie Ted is mad that Robin dislikes?Ted Mosby, Architect
Concert Marshall and Brad go to?World's Greatest Couple
Who plays the Cougar?Aldrin Justice
Show the end of the episode reference?Swarley
What Barney has to find to win the game?Atlantic City
Name of Robin's hit single?Slap Bet
What James does that reveals he's in a relationship?Single Stamina
Word that Ted calls Lily?How Lily Stole Christmas
Where the gang takes Robin's sister?First Time in New York
Name of Ted's annoying ex-boss?Columns
Who Barney bumps into on the street?Monday Night Football
Where is Ted's interview?Lucky Penny
Name of Barney's one-man show?Stuff
Name of the song that the Fiero plays?Arrivederci, Fiero
One of the names that Barney gives the truck in his Top Ten ListMoving Day
What Lily's grandmother gives her at the bridal shower?Bachelor Party
Show Barney appears on?Showdown
Phrase Barney discovers has power at a wedding?Something Borrowed
Where Robin ends up after the breakup?Something Blue
Ted's tramp stamp?Wait For It
What Robin keeps finding everywhere?We're Not From Here
What Robin tries using to shave her legs?Third Wheel
One of Robin's 'buts' from the episode?Little Boys
Name of Ted's date?How I Met Everyone Else
Celebrity that Marshall and Jeff see in the restaurant?I'm Not That Guy
Name of Barney's crazy date?Dowisetrepla
One of the gang's annoying habits?Spoiler Alert
Name of the song at the end of the episode?Slapsgiving
Fashion Show that Ted and Barney go to?The Yips
One of the eight steps of the Platinum RuleThe Platinum Rule
Item that Ted picks up at the club?No Tomorrow
Barney's lie that Stella only likes men with ______.Ten Sessions
Website that one of the Final Four women has created?The Bracket
Nickname Marshall gives his report?The Chain of Screaming
Name Marshall gives to phenomenon when people act differently around old friends?Sandcastles in the Sand
Person Barney says wrote the Bro Code?The Goat
One of two politicians that Randy tries to insert Bro into?Rebound Bro
Animals that Lily's paintings have soothing effects on?Everything Must Go
Animal Robin's dog turns into after surgery?Miracles
Movie Ted makes Stella watch?Do I Know You?
Name of the bank that Barney works for?The Best Burger in New York
Place where Robin accepts a job at the end of the episode?I Heart NJ
One of the reasons for an Intervention in the episode?Intervention
One of the two people Stella doesn't want at the wedding?Shelter Island
Robin's middle name?Happily Ever After
Any of the names Barney gives to the phenomenon of women looking hotter in groups?Not A Father's Day
What does Sven's design for the building look like?Woooo!
One of the poses Barney and Ted brainstorm?The Naked Man
What Marshall uses to carve the turkey 3-5 years in the future?The Fight
Canadian bar that Marshall brings Robin to?Little Minnesota
Marshall's euphemism for going to the bathroom at work?Benefits
Name of Ted and Barney's bar/band?Three Days of Snow
The more common name for iliopsoas tendinitis?The Possimpible
Name of Barney's fake wife or son?The Stinsons
Name of Ted's high school/college ex?Sorry, Bro
What Lily plants in Ted's bed to start the breakup?The Front Porch
One of the Canadian celebrities the gang guesses?Old King Clancy
The movie the Murtaugh List is based from?Murtaugh
What Marshall decides to start to make him indispensable at GNB?Mosbius Designs
Name of the security guard who helps Barney and Marshall?The Three Days Rule
Song that Marshall makes a chart for?Right Place, Right Time
The name of Tony's movie?As Fast As She Can
What is on the next door building's roof?The Leap
Subject of the class that Ted accidentally goes to first?Definitions
Name of any of the three doppelgangers in the show?Double Date
Any of the three topics that Robin gets distracted by?Robin 101
Name of the song Marshall writes about the date?The Sexless Innkeeper
Name of the energy drink Marshall and Ted have?Duel Citizenship
Bagpipes is a euphemism for what?Bagpipes
Celebrity that Lily invites to break up Barney and Robin?The Rough Patch
The play that involves fake websites, an awesome name, and a smartphone?The Playbook
Any of the board games that Mickey creates during the episode?Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap
Name of the girl that Ted pursues in the episode?The Window
Actor who is Lily's smoking voice?Last Cigarette Ever
One of three guest stars in the episode?Girls Versus Suits
Robin's phrase that is used as a drinking game?Jenkins
Sportscaster who guest stars in the episode?Perfect Week
Barney's ringtone in the episode?Rabbit or Duck
One of the hot-chick professions in the episode?Hooked
Where does Robin go when she's upset?Of Course
Herb Barney is allergic to?Say Cheese
Marshall claims he's been mugged by what?Zoo or False
The guessing game that Marshall plays with the gang?Home Wreckers
What Robin leaves in the room when she moves out?Twin Beds
The poem that Ted recites twice in Italian?Robots Versus Wrestlers
Jed Mosely's catch phrase?The Wedding Bride
What Marshall and Lily will do when they find the fifth doppelganger?Doppelgangers
Former flame that is at the bar?Big Days
Song that Barney, Sam, and James sing?Cleaning House
Item that reminds Ted about the GNB building?Unfinished
Celebrity that you have to have seen to be a real New Yorker?Subway Wars
What Ted says he does for a living to Zoey?Architect of Destruction
What Marshall must eat to ensure his child's a boy?Baby Talk
Name of Randy's beerCanning Randy
Exhibit that young Barney damaged?Natural History
Name of Robin's TV show?Glitter
Special poultry that Ted has preparedBlitzgiving
One of Lily's three rules about going out with another man's wife?The Mermaid Theory
Movie that Ted wants to see?False Positive
Robin's former co-anchor that reappears?Bad News
Movie that Marshall's father tells him to rent?Last Words
Celebrity who plays Honey?Oh Honey
Movie that is Lily and Marshall's Valentine's tradition?Desperation Day
Person who Ted runs into at Hong Kong airport?Garbage Island
Guy who Robin begins dating?A Change of Heart
Word that Ted can't pronounce?Legendaddy
Country where Lily was running off to?The Exploding Meatball Sub
Subject of Marshall's rock opera?Hopeless
Building that Zoey reveals she grew up in?The Perfect Cocktail
App that Robin can't get to download?Landmarks
Creature that Lily's vomiting sounds like?Challenge Accepted
Theme of Punchy's wedding?The Best Man
Game that Pete wants to play with Marshall?The Naked Truth
Event where Ted runs into Victoria again?Ducky Tie
Class that Ted and Marshall take together?The Stinson Missile Crisis
Movie creature that Nora hates?Field Trip
Name of Lily and Marshall's doctor?Mystery Vs. History
Song Naomi sings to Ted?The Slutty Pumpkin Returns
What the sign in front of Maclaren's reads?Disaster Averted
Food that Ted and Marshall go to find?Tick, Tick, Tick
Name of James' daughter?The Rebound Girl
Team that Robin pretends she's sad about not making?Symphony of Illumination
Book series that Marshall loved as a kid?Tailgate
One of two people who become part of the new group?46 Minutes
Person who is raising bees in Lily and Marshall's basement?The Burning Beekeeper
Way that Barney and Ted determine they can enjoy the Drunk Train?The Drunk Train
Country where Robin goes in the episode?No Pressure
Any of the hobbies Ted uses Robin's room for?Karma
Place where Quinn and Barney are going on vacation?The Broath
Any of the politicians that the future predicts will be president?Trilogy Time
Any of the people that Lily has dream-cheated with?Now We're Even
Alcohol that Barney and Marshall take shots of?Good Crazy
Middle name that Barney proposes for Lily and Marshall's kid?The Magician's Code - Part 1
Name of Victoria's fiance?The Magician's Code - Part 2

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