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Can you name the Top Level Two Character Country Domains With the Most Registrations? (See game note for additional instructions)

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RankCountry and DomainDomain Registrations
Country 118,135,146
Domain 1
Country 214,277,407
Domain 2
Country 311,071,812
Domain 3
Country 410,149,160
Domain 4
Country 55,247,470
Domain 5
Country 64,705,428
Domain 6
Country 73,146,744
Domain 7
Country 82,954,604
Domain 8
Country 92,757,982
Domain 9
Country 102,619,838
Domain 10
RankCountry and DomainDomain Registrations
Country 112,398,590
Domain 11
Country 122,291,061
Domain 12
Country 132,284,926
Domain 13
Country 142,178,908
Domain 14
Country 152,004,517
Domain 15
Country 161,809,059
Domain 16
Country 171,723,803
Domain 17
Country 181,690,735
Domain 18
Country 191,410,784
Domain 19
Country 201,384,371
Domain 20

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