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Name the Nationalities of sub-2:08 Marathoners

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Number of sub-2:08 RunnersNationNational Record Holder
176Dennis Kimetto, 2:02:57
71Haile Gebrselassie, 2:03:59
13Toshinari Takaoka, 2:06:16
9Jaouad Gharib, 2:05:27
7Julio Rey, 2:06:52
5Gert Thys, 2:06:33
5Yared Asmeron, 2:07:27
4Benoit Zwierzchiewski, 2:06:36
3Khalid Khannouchi, 2:05:38
3António Pinto, 2:06:36
2Ronaldo da Costa, 2:06:05
2Tadesse Abraha, 2:06:40
2Shumi Dechasa, 2:07:13
Number of sub-2:08 RunnersNationNational Record Holder
2Dmitriy Baranovskiy, 2:07:15
2Mubarak Hassan Shami, 2:07:19
2Lee Bong-Ju, 2:07:20
2Stefano Baldini, 2:07:22
1Kaan Kigen Özbilen, 2:06:10
1Stephen Kiprotich, 2:06:33
1Ahmed Salah,2:07:07
1Steve Jones,2:07:13
1Andrés Perez Espinosa, 2:07:19
1Vincent Rousseau, 2:07:20
1Henryk Szost, 2:07:39
1Robert de Castella,2:07:51

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