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Option AA or B?Option B
They're going to love going there.Their going to love going there
That movie effected me greatly.That movie affected me greatly.
10 Items or Less10 Items or fewer
Australia is much further away.Australia is much farther away.
I recommend vegetables that are organic.I recommend vegetables which are organic.
He talked to the woman who he met on the train.He talked to the woman whom he met on the train.
I am going to lay down on the couch.I am going to lie down on the couch.
After finishing the race, I lay down on the ground.After finishing the race, I laid down on the ground.
Smelling the dumpster made me nauseous.Smelling the dumpster made me nauseated.
We are the only store which guarantees 100% satisfaction.We are the only store that guarantees 100% satisfaction.
Option AA or B?Option B
Be careful. You could lose a finger.Be careful. You could loose a finger.
Shaking is much better than stirring.Shaking is much better then stirring.
Like I was saying ...As I was saying ...
He had a small amount of cookies left.He had a small number of cookies left.
Who's coming to visit tomorrow?Whose coming to visit tomorrow?
She had to choose among licorice and cherryShe had to choose between licorice and cherry
The game was postponed due to rain.The game was postponed because of rain.
Things looked bad for Mudville.Things looked badly for Mudville.
Mudville played bad last night.Mudville played badly last night.
That was different than what I expected.That was different from what I expected.

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