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Can you name the KotOR 2 - Party Members?

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Cocky pilot who shows his true colors as the game progresses.
Cryptic old woman who criticizes every decision the player makes.
A little droid that you try to avoid when navigating the Ebon Hawk
A one armed Zabrak that's always accompanied by a hovering remote.
An Echani Warrior who only joins the party if the Exile is Male.
A creepy historian who only comes with you if the Exile is female.
A cocky bounty hunter who uses her force sensitivity to find her target.
A crazed Wookie who only joins the party if the Exile is on the dark path.
A blind sith who uses the force to see.
The leader of the Mandalorians who happens to be party member from KOTOR.
An extremely violent assassin droid who has a much smaller role than in the previous game.
A large hovering ball that really should have been written out of the game.

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