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Pitting of nail
Anti-hemidesmosome Ab
Red scaly papules over knuckles
Negatively birefringent
Orphan Annie nucleus
Stratum corneum cells w/ retained nuclei
Harold patch & Christmas tree
Cape like spinothalamic defect
Sz, MR, angiofibroma
Tenderness beyond cellulitis
Purple pruritic polygonal papule/plaque
Heart sound radiating to left axilla
Increased stratum spinosum layer thickness
Progressive pelvic/leg weakness in adolescents
Pruritic vesicle w/ Hx of Celiac Dz
Shawl & V signs
Continuous machine like murmur
Honey colored crusting
Back pain improved w/ exercise
Increase in hat size w/ hearing loss
Pruritic linear rash
Cystic brown tumors of bone
Syphilis false (+)
Defect in tyrosinase
Rhomboid crystal
S-100 (+) skin disorder
Young w/ fixed hard thyroid nodule
Multiple 'hot' thyroid nodules
Old w/ fixed hard thyroid nodule
XR: Chondrocalcificaition
Wire loop capillary
Defective carbonic anhydrase II
Fixed splitting of S2
Defective NADPH oxidase
Palisading nuclei
XR: Sunburst pattern
Nitroblue tetrazolium test
Wide pulse pressure ('water hammer & head bobbing)
Rough, cracked 'dirty' hands & feet
Auspitz sign
XR: Bone flaring at end (Erlenmeyer flask)
Birbeck granules
Tight shiny fingers
Keratin filled pseudocyst
Eye issue, hemorrhagic cystitis, sensorineural hearing loss
Uveitis, aortic regurgitation, conduction disorder
Congo Red stain
Ejection click
Urinary incontinence, dementia, ataxia
Painless goiter w/ hypothyroidism
XR: Soap bubble lucency
Acanthosis nigricans in age >40 w/o DM
XR: Pencil in cup
Dactylitis (sausage finger)
Double layered glands w/ lymphoid appearance
XR: Fusion of SI joint/spine
XR: Boot shaped heart
Precocious puberty, Cafe-au-lait spot, fibrous dysplasia of bone
(-) Nikolsky sign
XR: Onion skin
XR: Bone spur w/ cartilage cap
Pseudohypertrophy of calves
Fibrous dysplasia of bone
AA fibrils
Sloughing of skin
Gottron's papules
Painful flaccid blister
Decrease in melanocyte #
Wide splitting of S2 (2)
Calcium pyrophosphate
'Tortoise shell' appearance
Proximal joint pain
Reticular pattern on immunofluorescence
Single 'hot' thyroid nodule
XR: Bamboo spine
'Sawtooth' lymphocytic infiltration
Nutmeg liver
Silvery scale
Heart sound radiating to carotid
Phenylalanine hydroxylase
Gower maneuver
Paradoxical splitting of S2 (2)
AL fibrils
XR: Codman Triangle
Positively birefringent
Dermatologic disorder assoc'd w/ Hep C
Migratory arthritis
Only thyroid cancer to spread hematogenously
Midsystolic click
Port wine stain
'Pasted/Stuck on' appearance
Conjunctivitis, urethritis, arthritis
(+) Nikolsky sign
Steinberg sign
Pruritic rash on flexor surface
Rolled edge w/ central ulcer/crusting
LFA-1 defect
Ulcerative red lesions w/ keratin pearls
Synovial thickening & fluid accumulation

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