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Mucin secreting signet ring cells
Cannot deliver placenta post-delivery
Target of HPV E7 protein
Pregnancy w/ anemia, RUQ pain/jaundice, easy bruisability
Tx for eclamptic seizure
Female w/ primary amenorrhea
Ovarian cyst filled with dark blood
Painless vaginal bleeding in 3rd trimester
Testicular CA w/ glandular/papillary appearance
Posterior urethral valves in male embryo
New onset maternal HTN >20 wk gestation
Inflammation & fibrosis of tunica albuginea
Twin Type: 9-12 days (splitting of embryonic disc)
Painful vaginal bleeding in 3rd trimester
Grey solitary crusty plaque on shift of penis
Ovarian cyst w/ psammoma bodies
MC testicular CA
Assoc'd w/ Peutz-Jegher Syndrome
MC testicular CA in age < 3
Bulky irregular mass in uterus
Chorionic villie that perforate uterus
Painful tumor
Neonate w/ bilateral lumps in labia majora
Grape like vaginal protrusion
Arrest phase eggs are released in
Aromatase inhibitor
Androgen receptor blocker
US: String of pearls
Twin Type:4-8 days (blastocyst stage)
Testicular/Ovarian CA w/ elevated AFP
Multiple uterine masses w/ well demarcated borders
Painless rectal bleeding in neonate
Ovarian cancer assoc'd w/ Turner Syndrome
Post-menopausal bleed
Testicular/Ovarian CA w/ elevated hCG
MC testicular CA in elderly
Large multilocular cyst w/ intestinal type epithelium
Glomerulus-like w/ mesodermal core, central capillary
Elevated LDH & hCG
MC site of prostatic metastasis (other than lymph nodes)
Reinke Crystals
MC ovarian germ cell tumor
Friable solid yellow mass
Target of HPV E6 protein
Vaginal gland inflammation & allodynia
Quad-screen: Trisomy 21 ([AFP]-[Estriol]-[hCG]-[Inhibin A]; e.g. L-H-H-L)
Testicular CA most likely to spread hematogenously
Pregnancy w/ very high hCG & large uterus
Testicular CA w/ 'fried egg' cells
Very large ovarian tumor w/ virilization
Spasm of pelvic muscles
Large vesicular cells w/ central nucleus & clear cytoplasm
Risk for choriocarcinoma & malignant trophoblastic dz
Urine from umbilicus
New onset maternal HTN
Intraperitoneal mucinous material
Call-Exner Bodies
Encapsulated solid unilateral ovarian tumor
Testicular CA w/ worst prognosis
Chorionic villi that invade myometrium
MC-ly affected lobes in BPH (2)
Persistent vitelline duct
Cyst lined by transitional epithelium-like cells
Testicular mass w/ elevated estrogen (NL testosterone)
Golden brown testicular tumor
Disorganized syncytiotrophoblast & cystotrophoblast
Ovarian cancer tumor marker for monitoring treatment
'Feels like sitting on an egg'
US: Snowstorm
Sheets of uniform cells
Pt w/ ambiguous genitalia that undergo normal masculinization during puberty
Hydropic villi
Choriocarcinoma: MC site of mets
Fertilization of 1 egg, followed by duplication of paternal chromosomes
Molar pregnancy w/ no fetal parts
Midcycle pain d/ to peritoneal irritation by serous fluid leak
Kleinhauer-Betke Test
Schiller-Duval bodies
Spindle shaped cells w/ multiple mitotic cells
Whorled smooth muscle bundles
Twin Type: > 12 days
Fertilization of 1 egg w/ 2 sperms
MCC of balantitis
Most common region of leiomyoma
Early pregnancy hyperglycemia
Ovarian fibroma, ascites, pleural effusion
Assoc'd w/ Carney Syndrome
Vaginal bleed w/ uterine rupture
Serous ovarian cyst w/ thin wall
High LH/FSH ratio
Ectopic gastric/pancreatic epithelium
MCC of epididymitis in >35 yo
Phenotypical female w/ blind vagina
MC complication of advanced CIN
MC-ly affected lobe in prostatic cancer
Unilocular ovarian cyst lined by ciliated epithelium
Reproductive disorder w/ anosmia
Twin Type: < 4 days (morula stage)
Absence of cremasteric reflex
High FSH in women < 40 yo w/ amenorrhea
MCC of epididymitis in
Pregnancy w/ high hCG but NL uterus
Fetal blood vessels covering cervical os
Oligohydramnios, limb/facial deformity, pulmonary hypoplasia
Testicular mass w/ elevated testosterone & estrogen
Coffee bean nuclei
Quad-screen: Neural Tube Defect (AFP level H/L)
MC epithelial ovarian cancer
Quad-screen: Trisomy 18 ([AFP]-[Estriol]-[hCG]-[Inhibin A]; e.g. L-H-H-L)
Prepubertal arrest phase for oocytes
Red velvety plaque on glans penis
Cellular arrangement resembling primordial follicles
Evaluate fetal lung maturity
Partial estrogen receptor agonist
Mild androgen agonist (historical use in endometriosis)

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