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Which nation did the Netherlands declare their independence from in 1581 following the Eighty Years War?
Which trading company, also known as the VOC, was established in 1602?
Which Dutch artist created the famous painting 'The Night Watch' in 1642?
What is the name of the successor of the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands that was established after it was conquered by France?
Which country broke off from the Netherlands in 1830?
Which painter, famous for 'The Starry Night', was born in 1853?
Which girl is famous for her diary, which recounts the German invasion of the Netherlands?
In which city was the International Court of Justice established in 1945?
Which currency was used in the Netherlands before the Euro replaced it in 2002?
Which South American Dutch colony was granted independence in 1975?
Which South-East Asian country did the Netherlands recognise as independent in 1949?
In which modern-day country were the Boer Republics, which were independent republics by Dutch-speaking inhabitants?
Which German politician went into exile in the Netherlands following WWI?
What is the name of the English royal house that had Dutch roots?
Which Dutch polymath founded the wave theory of light?
Which Dutch seafarer named New Zealand after the Dutch province of Zeeland?
In which city was the treaty to end the War of the Spanish Succession signed?
What was the Netherlands known as following Napoleon's conquest of it?
What was the name of the de facto head of state from the 16th to the 18th centuries in the Netherlands?
What is the name of the treaty that gave the colony of New Netherland to England?

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