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What is the period where Japan became Westernised named?
Which was the last shogunate of Japan?
Name one of the Japanese cities which was hit by an atomic bomb?
Which US naval base did the Japanese famously attack during WWII?
Where was the nuclear disaster which had a reactor meltdown caused by a tsunami?
What year did Tokyo host the Summer Olympics?
The famous piece of art depicting a wave and Mount Fuji is named the Great Wave off __________?
Which emperor announced Japan's surrender in 1945?
Which island did the United States hand back to Japan in 1971?
What was Japan's first permanent capital?
When was the last eruption of Mount Fuji?
Which railway did Japan famously force Australian POWs to build in WWII?
What country did Japan annex in 1910?
Who did Japan defeat to become the first Asian power to defeat a European power in modern times?
What were covert agents or spies in feudal Japan called?
Which British outpost did Japan defeat in 1942?
In what year did Japan gain independence from the US?
In the Second Sino-Japanese War, an atrocity where Japanese troops massacred and raped many people is called the Rape of ______?
Which city became the capital in 794?
Japanese term meaning “divine wind” which has come to be used in the western world to describe a suicide bomber.

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