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Which island becomes a Danish province in 1729?
Which of Shakespeare's plays is set in Elsinore Castle in Denmark?
Which country gained independence from Denmark in 1918, but was only proclaimed as an independent republic in 1944?
Which territory did Denmark cede to Sweden in 1814?
Which territory did Denmark grant self-government for in 1948?
Which country was Mary, the Crown Princess of Denmark, originally from, which she left in 2001?
Who was the first known European to have set foot on continental North America?
Which country invaded Denmark in 1940?
Which Old English epic poem begins in the setting of Denmark?
Which Danish city was founded in 1167?
Which religion did the king Harald Bluetooth convert Denmark to?
Name any of the three primary tribes which resided in Denmark in the Viking era.
Who was the last Roman Catholic ruler of Denmark?
Which Danish author is famous for his fairytales, such as the Ugly Duckling?
What is the name of the union that joined many different various Scandinavian territories under one monarchy between 1397 and 1523?
What was the capital of England during the Danish Viking occupation of England?
Which Danish physicist received a Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions in understanding atomic structure and quantum theory?
Which landscape architect designed elements of the Chicago Park system and pioneered the 'prairie school' of landscape architecture?
Which Danish company is famous for their brick building toy product?
Which Danish astronomer is famous for making accurate observations of planetary positions and supporting the geocentric theory of the solar system?

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