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Which US detention camp in Cuba was constructed in 2002 to house Islamic militants and suspected terrorists?
Which navigator claimed Cuba for Spain in 1492?
Which Cuban city was captured from Spain by Britain in 1762 but later returned?
Which country took control of Cuba from Spain in 1898?
Which US-backed leader took control of Cuba in 1933 in a coup?
Which Cuban leader established the first communist state in the Western hemisphere?
Which marxist revolutionary led guerilla troops during the Cuban Revolution?
What was the name of the failed CIA-sponsored military invasion of Cuba?
The Cuban Missile Crisis occured when Cuba allowed which nation to deploy nuclear missiles on Cuba?
Which African territory did Cuba launch a military intervention in 1975?
Which Cuban actor and director, who featured in the Godfather Pt. III, was born in 1956?
What was the first war of Cuban independence also known as?
Which poet and writer was one of the leaders of the Cuban War of Independence?
The sinking of which US battleship in Cuba started the Spanish-American War?
Which American operation transported 14,000 children of parents who opposed the communist regime from Cuba to the US in 1960?
Which US President was in charge during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Which US policy allowed Cubans to emigrate to the US if they made it to shore before encountering US authorities?
Which US ex-President was the first to visit Cuba since 1959 when he visited Cuba in 2002?
'History Will Absolve Me' was a speech made by a Cuban revolutionary following which attacks?
What was the name of a pact made in 1878 promising an end to slavery in Cuba?

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