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On which island was the only authenticated Norse settlement in North America?
Which river did Jacques Cartier explore in 1543, the shores of which he claims for France?
In which war did Britain take the French colony of Quebec?
By what name was Toronto known between 1793 and 1834?
For which British colony was completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway one of the terms for joining Canada?
The discovery of which mineral in 1896 sparked the migration of 100,000 people to the Klondike region of the Yukon?
A 1995 referendum in which Canadian province rejected independence by a margin of only 1%?
Which prominent politician was in power from 1968 to 1979 and 1980 to 1984?
What is the name of the sea passage through Canada which European traders believed to exist and attempted to find between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans?
Which Italian navigator was the first European to reach mainland North America since the 10th century?
In the Treaty of Paris, all the land in North America east of which river was ceded to Britain?
In the Quebec act of 1774, members of which religious denomination were allowed to hold public office?
Which massacre occured when members of the North West Company attacked the Red River Settlement of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1816?
In which year did the Act of Union unite Upper Canada and Lower Canada?
Which was the primary material being exported to Great Britain from Montreal in the 18th century?
Which major strike of 1919 was a result of high unemployment and inflation?
Name either of the politicians the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) kidnapped in 1970.
Which person performed numerous tightrope walking stunts over the Niagara Falls in 1859, the first to do so?
Which explorer completed the first east-west crossing of Canada in 1793?
What is the name of the treaty which established the US-Canada border as 49° N latitude?
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