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Can you provide the answers relating to 1789 for each of these clues?

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This US Army commander-in-chief becomes the first President of the US
This politician and future president becomes the vice president of the US
This important document is declared to be in effect by the US Congress
The French Revolution begins with the fall of this prison
This moon of Saturn is discovered by William Herschel
This US national holiday is established
This polymath writes that 'In the world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes'
This captain of the HMS Bounty is mutinied against by Fletcher Christian
This future US President proposes a Bill of Rights
This state is the 12th to join the United States
This element is discovered by Martin Klaproth while studying the mineral pitchblende
The Mackenzie River in this country is explored by Alex Mackenzie
This is the first US state to ratify the Bill of Rights
This oath to make a new constitution is created in France
The captain and crew of the HMS Bounty land on this island after travelling 3,618 nautical miles in an open boat

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