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Daughter of The Chosen One
Granddaughter of Darth Sidious
Stormtrooper Captain of The First Order
Mother of The Chosen One
Rebel who helped steal The Death Star plans
Owned a castle and joined Resistance
Resistance maintenance worker
Mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa
Senate representative of Chandrila
Raised Luke Skywalker on Tatooine
Jedi Padawan of Anakin Skywalker
Admiral who sacrificed herself for the Resistance
Sith assassin and apprentice of Count Dooku
Mother of Jyn Erso
Twi’lek Jedi Master killed on Feliucia
Bounty Hunter who mentored Boba Fett
Togrutan Jedi Master and Council Member
Mirialan Jedi Master who trained Barriss Offee
Master and Council Member of Yoda’s species
Mandalorian member of The Ghost Crew
Pilot of The Ghost Crew
Padawan who lost faith in The Jedi Order
Bounty Hunter who tried to kill Padmé Amidala
Agent for Darth Maul
Duchess of Mandalore
Leader of The Nightsisters
Pilot who sacrificed herself for The Resistance
Killed Ziro The Hutt
Jedi Master and Former Council Member
Mirialan Inquisitor
Force Embodiment of The Light Side
Slave and Dancer eaten by Jabba’s Rancor
Aide of Lama Su
Imperial Governer of Lothal
Sister of Saw Gerrera
Naboo Queen during Attack Of The Clones
Decoy of Padmé Amidala killed by Zam Wesell
Mother of Sabine Wren
Sister of Satine Kryze
Chalactan Jedi Master and Council Member
Befriended 2 Clone Troopers as a child
Killed whilst duelling Savage Opress
Master and Council Member killed on Saleucami
Naboo Queen during Revenge Of The Sith
Black Sun employee who joined The Rebellion
Sister Of Che Amanwe Papanoida
Jedi Master and sister of Tiplar
Resistance Lieutenant and friend of Poe
Sepratist friend of Padmé Amidala
Senator of Pantora
Jedi Master killed by Tup when he malfunctioned
Mother of Ezra Bridger
Queen of Zygerria
Theelin Bounty Hunter
Jedi Knight who survived The Battle Of Geonosis
Naboo Queen during The Clone Wars
Rodian Jedi Youngling
Pilot who helped destroy Starkiller Base
Murderer of Onaconda Farr
Love interest of Jar Jar Binks
Informed First Order of BB-8’s location
Tholothian Jedi Youngling that climbed a clif
Togrutan Jedi Youngling
Jedi Youngling captured and killed
Zabrak Bounty Hunter
Resistance Member blown up by The First Order
Senator and friend of Satine Kryze
Kaminoan Senator
Imperial Senator of Taris
Corporate Alliance Senator
Sister of Rowan and Zander Freemaker
Love interest of Tobias Beckett
Sith Agent tasked with finding the Kyber Saber
Imperial Minister of Lothal
Rebellion Pilot and Blue Squadron Leader
Aide of Padmé Amidala killed by Embo
Leader of Spice Runners
Jedi Doctor who tended to Master Yoda
Blue Twi’lek singer of Jabba The Hutt
Daughter of Zander Freemaker
Rodian singer of Jabba The Hutt
Mother Of Moxie Freemaker
Former First Order Stormtrooper
Master of Bairdon Jace
Elderly nightsister
Sister on Naa’leth
Sister of Karis
Sister of Chi Eekway Papanoida
Resistance Major who tender to Chewbacca
Human officer of The First Order
Resistance pilot who survived being shot down
Tuanul villager executed by Stormtroopers
Human Tuanul Villager
Kaminoan Scientist
Frenk Bounty Hunter who survived The Box
Jedi Knight who taught Trilla Suduri
Jedi Padawan who became an Inquisitor
Surviving Nightsister
Theelin/Human singer
Dowutin Inquisitor
Jedi killed whilst duelling Maul and Savage

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