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inhumanly beautiful; speedy; strength; protective.
careless; magnet of trouble; experiencing first love; loves the sun.
cute; sees the future; friendly; in love with jasper.
controls temper; good at fighting.
beautiful; jealous; wants to be human.
strong; muscular; joker of the family; hunts bear.
hamdsome doctor; changed most of the family members.
loves passionatly.
cop; bella's dad.
unsuccessful cook; mother of bella.
half human, half vampire; grows fast; edward and bella's daughter.
friendly; has a crush on bella; in bella's english and biology class.
shy; friend of bella; goes to; goes to forks high school.
has a crush on mike; in bella's trig and spanish class.
chess club type guy; overhelpful; danced with angela on homecoming.
almost killed bella; tried to take bella to prom as part of making amends.
werewolf; in love with bella; repairs car; hates the cullens.
jacob's dad.
tracker; tried to kill alice and bella.
soul mate of james; promised to take revenge on bella for james's death.
friend of jacob.
bella's step father.
volturi leader

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