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YearShow NameCharacters
1972-84Mushmouth, Bill, Weird Harold, Leroy Mudfoo
1978-81Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy, Pappy
1983-81Alvin, Simon, Theodore, David Seville
1983-87Cobra Commander, Deep Six, Wild Bill, Snow Job
1983-87Evil-Lyn, Prince Adam, She-Ra, Skeletor
1984-87Commander Hawkins, Zarkon, Princess Allura, Chip
1984-87Baron Greenback, Nero, Stiletto, Count Duckula
1984-88Afterburner, Galvatron, Omega Supreme, Ravage
1985Snarf, Cheetara, Lynx-O, Lion-O
1985Max Mayhem, T-Bob (robot), Alex Sector, Buddy Hawkes
1985-86Bogel, Flim Flam, Shaggy Rogers, Daphne Blake
YearShow NameCharacters
1985-86Mr. Beastley, No Heart, Hugs, Brave Heart
1985-86Dennis Mitchell, Margaret, Ruff (Dog), Martha Wilson
1985-89Grammi, Sunni Gummi, Mobile Tree, Buddy
1986-91Duckworth, Mrs. Beakley, Huey, Gyro Gearloose
1987-88Boober,Flange, Marjory, Pa Gorg
1987-90Skip, Sloop, Flo, Harry
1987-96April O'Neil, Bebop, Rocksteady, Splinter
1989-90Ganon, King Harkinian, Link, Princess Zelda
1989-90King Bowser, Toad, Koopa Troopa, Koopa Troopa
1989-92Charles Deetz, Delia Deetz, Lydia Deetz, Doomie
1989-92Anna, Becca, Ernest, Fritz

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