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Another word for a bird beak is ______.
This marine mammal is well known for its intelligence.
This three colored West African crab is also refered to as ______ crab.
______ of Iada is the name of a London search and rescue dog, who saved 150 people in WWII.
a black bird, but not a blackbird
The ______ tiger is one of several tiger subspecies.
Speaking of blackbirds: female ones aren't actually black but rather ______.
You should get this one from context.
The Texas horned lizard is the official ______ state reptile.
A male horse under the age of four years, if not castrated, is called a ______.
the only big cat in the Americas that is not a puma
Males of this Amazon rainforest species grow up to 6.5 inches (16.7 cm): ______ beetle
term for an untrained horse
10 Downing Street, London, is the official residence of the ______ Mouser to the Cabinet Office.
The Common Cuckoo is well known for being a nest ______.
A medieval war horse is also refered to as a ______.
The ______ beetle is endemic to Australia.
a very large deep sea animal: the ______ squid
a term for several species of large pirds of prey
the Granular poison frog is one of the few animals with ___ ____
a large mammal found in Eurasia and North America
one of two Panthera species in Africa
Sus scrofa and Bos primigenius probably were the two species playing the biggest role in the work of an Indian Packing Co. meat ______.
Bovine horns are popularly depicted to be attached to, or occasionaly painted on ______ helmets.
the fastest animal in the world
This term is a bit imprecise, but it typically refers to a black big cat.
The scallop shell is a popular symbol of ______ James.
A talking parrot, a peg leg and an eye patch are typically associated with a ______.
A bird family named after a color named after a high ranking Catholic church office.
an uncastrated male sheep
There are __ known species of the blind snake genus Ramphotyphlops.
a large, fish eating bird of prey

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