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First ever foreign US Military intervention
The last combat airdrop occurred on what island?
The US sent troops to China to suppress which rebellion?
This US Army general led all Coalition forces in the Gulf War
What was the last state to be annexed by the US?
The sinking of this ship started the Spanish-American War
How many operation made up the Gulf War?
The multiple US interventions in South America were known as?
The US fought which Russian revolutionaries after WW1?
This landing in the Korean war was seen as the turning point for the UN
The US entered WW1 after this action by Germany
The US bombed this country after it began attacking Albanians
Longest war in US history
This missile, given to the Mujahedeen, was used to turn the tide of the Soviet-Afghan War
the US invaded Iraq in 1990 as a response to which country being attacked?
The US took over these islands as a response to the German invasion of Denmark
This agreement let the US use British ports for 99 years in exchange for the US giving Britain Town-class Destroyers
US troops invaded Mexico in order to capture this revolutionary
The US invaded this country in order to depose Manuel Noriega
This US ship as attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin incident
The strategy for the US stopping the spread of Communism was known as
This operation began the US Island Hopping campaign
The main general of US forces in Vietnam
A battle in Iraq, known as the 'the last great tank battle of the 20th century'
Officially known as Highway 80, this highway in Iraq was given this nickname after the US destroyed Iraqis retreating on it

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