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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to these questions on the Personal Rule of Charles I?

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Forced Order
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What year did Personal Rule begin?
How many years did Personal Rule last for?
What was the success rate of collection of ship money until 1637?
Charles fined anyone who wasn't knighted at his coronation and earned over £40pa. What was this called?
What were a group of Catholics granted a monopoly for in the early 1630s?
Who was made Archbishop of Canterbury in 1633?
Who did Charles make Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1632?
Parishoners were brought before the Star Chamber after famously rebelling against the altar policy which church?
Who, in 1637, went to court over refusing to pay Ship Tax?
The introduction of what in 1637 caused the Scottish Rebellion?
What was the policy by which Charles and Wentworth attempted to govern England and Ireland throughout Personal Rule?
What was the religion of the majority of Scotland?
Fears of what were spread by court masques and the creation of an army in Ireland?
WHat year did the First Bishops' War break out in?
What month did the First Bishops' War end in?
How many weeks did the Short Parliament sit for?
Which important figure in the battle between Charles and Parliament made himself prominent in the Short Parliament of 1640?
Which settlement ended the Second Bishops' War?

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