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Explorer who rounded the Cape of Good Hope
Slaves, Rum and Guns
Spanish Silver holding location
Protestant Reformation began here
Declaration of the Rights of Man (country)
Toussaint Louverture led a slave rebellion here
Group of people in the 13th Century who conquered most of Asia
Karl Marx' doctrine
18th Century 'age of...'
Sun revolves around the Earth
Neo-Confucianism during this dynasty
Great Orthodox Christian city that fell in 1453
soft gold
Perfected the 'eyeglass' and saw the moon
Wrote the Declaration of Independence
Italian state that dominated the spice trade
Spanish Muslims
Martin Luther wrote these 'protests'
The movement to end slavery
Date of the start of the French Revolution
The first 'substance' to be industrialized
Robert Owen created this 'new' place
Britain and China fought over Tea
The dividing up of Africa among the Europeans
The sharing of ideas and cultures
Dynasty in India (1527-1707)
The First Industrial Society
Group of people that Russia was primarily made up of before WWI
The Emperor of France (1804-1815)
Trade language in the Indian Ocean area

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