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Can you name the terms for the Ubranization and Progressive Reform of the USA??

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The main entry point for immigrants coming from the east
The entry point for immigrants coming from the west
An extreme dislike of immigrants by native born US citizens
A city that uses one language
A view on urban poverty that thinks the 'fittest' will survive
To kill someone without a legal trial
A view of urban poverty that believes that no matter what you can be successful in America
The founder of the Settlement houses to help the poor immigrants
State and local laws that racially segregated people
This person started the Tuskegee Institute
The photo journalist that made the book 'How the Other Half Lives'
A tax for adults to vote
Schooling for the poor in an inner- city area
The court case that stated separate but equal
This means to adjust to differnet or new circumstances.
He helps to found NAACP, which continues the fight for equal voting rights.
She was like Rosa Parks.
He was the last African American in the House of Representatives out of the Reconstruction Period.
This stood for National Association for the Advancement of Color People
He was the founder of the Discipline of Sociology.
He founded the Social Gospel Movement.
This is an organization linked to a political party that often controlled the local government.
The acquiring of money in dishonest ways. Ex) Bribing a politician.
A journalist who uncovers corruption in society.
This party generally believed that the government should take a more active role in solving problems within society.
He was most famous for his book The Jungle.
This is what Roosevelt's reform programs became known as.
He was the youngest person to become president.
27th president; signed into law the Payne-Aldrich Tariff
Requested Congress to pass Federal Trade Commission to monitor American business; President after Taft
Roosevelt became presidential candidate for this party because he was 'fit as a bull moose'
Idea that government should own and operate industry for the communitry
Right that enables voters to remove unsatisfactory elected officials from office
Practice of letting voters accept or reject measures proposed by legislature
Right of citizens to place a measure or issue before voters or legislature for approval
Vote held by all members of a political party to decide their candidate for public office
Originally direct-election amendment; also removed one of state legislatures' checks on federal power
Former American Railway Union leader, won nearly a million votes as Socialist Party candidate for president in 1912
Law passed that prohibits certain business activities to avoid businesses gaining monopoly power
Act outlawed certain practices that restricted competition
Prohibited manufacture, sale, or shipment of impure/falsely labeled food and drugs
Act required federal inspection of meat
Created 12 regional banks to be supervised by Board of Govenors

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