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Shift of population from rural areas to citiesword
Needing no outside help to satisfy basic needsword
General and emperor who spread revolution and Enlightenmentperson
a.k.a. putting out system; system of commercial production where merchants employ workers who stay at homeword
A section of land granted to a vassal in exchange for serviceword
The English legislature that slowly gained power over timeword
Strategy of using force to achieve your goals where the ends justify the meansword
Weakened Church and feudalism, revived culture, and increased tradewar
Being saved from evil (or hell); reaching the afterlifeword
Worldly; focus on the present life rather than the afterlifeword
Weakened and fragmented Greece, allowing Macedonian takeoverwar
A city that controls its surrounding area and is independent, with its own rulers and lawsword
Rights that belong to everyone because they are human, not because governments give themword
Class of capitalists and managers who own society’s wealth and desire money and possessionsword
Ability of a state to govern its own territory without outside interferenceword
Economic philosopher of laissez faire capitalismperson
Investment of money to make a profit, where capital and labor are separatedword
Universal or throughout the whole; representing a world-wide churchword
Era of religious challenge and change in Europe, breaking away from the popeword
Destroyed the old regime in Francewar
Feudal peasant who is bound to the land and to work for the lordword
Cleared western Mediterranean for Roman dominancewar
Favoring traditional values, or: tending to oppose change, support the status quo (the current situation)word
Denial of communion; banning from the churchword
Established strong English monarchy because England is differentperson
Begins Reformation and ends religious unitydate
Fencing off land so what was common land is now owned by large landownersword
Favoring slow change, within reasonable limits, avoiding extremesword
Economic policy of self-sufficiency and accumulating gold and silver through colonies, exports, and tariffsword
Technological shift in how work is done and things are produced, using machines instead of human or animal laborword
Enlightenment philosopher of natural rights and the social contractperson
System of shifting alliances so no state becomes dominantword
Established limited monarchy led by Parliamentwar
Spread out; many smaller sources of power rather than one big oneword
The revival of population, trade, and cities in the High Middle Agesword
Belief that actions should be based on reason and logic, not religion or emotionword
Government where the ruler has complete authority over the state and people’s livesword
Person who provides land or protection in exchange for serviceword
Rebirth of culture; specifically, the revival of Greek and Roman culture beginning in 14th century Italyword
Social gathering where writers, artists, and philosophers shared ideasword
Legalized Christianity and built Constantinopleperson
Unified Germany through blood and ironperson
The right to voteword
Form of socialism where property ownership has been completely eliminatedword
Period of European intellectual thought defined by an emphasis on rationalismword
Search for natural laws through experimentation and observationword
Spread Enlightenment but ended with the balance of power restoredwar
Patron of explorers and inspiration for Age of Explorationperson
Physicist, mathematician, astronomer who developed many scientific lawsperson
Drove the industrial revolution and modern economic worlddate
Absolute monarch, leader of French cultural and military flourishingperson
Favoring of fundamental, rapid change in current practices and conditionsword
Economic recovery and formation of middle classapproximate date
A government ruled by a single person, usually in a dynastyword
A person who provides protection and financial support, such as for an artist or philosopherword
Ended medieval combat; resulted in modern countrieswar
Relating to the Middle Ages, the time in Europe from the fall of Rome to the Renaissanceword
View that humans are at the center of events; respect for individuals and human abilitiesword
System of beliefs, values, and assumptions about life that guide behavior and are shared by a group of peopleword
a.k.a. Counter Reformation; Catholic attempt to clean up the Church to stop Protestant conversionsword
End of the Roman Republic and start of the Empiredate
Expanded French royal power and fought with Englandperson
Government where people elect representatives who then decide on the lawsword
Economic and relationship between lord and serfword
Purchasable forgiveness from sins and release from purgatoryword
Beginning of conflict between Pope and Holy Roman Emperorperson
When the value of money declines (the same amount of money brings you less in return)word
Government where king’s power is subject to a constitution or legislative bodyword
Start of European world powerdate
Action or process of creating new ideas, inventions, and ways of thinkingword
Peak of Spanish power and rise of Englandwar
A government controlled by the will of the peopleword
Extreme patriotism; focus on the interests and superiority of your nationword
Common language of ordinary people in a country or regionword
A policy of establishing control over foreign lands and peoplesword
Start of classical eraapproximate date
Guarantees sovereignty for princes, crippling HRE and Church powerdate
A government ruled by a small group, such as rich merchants or old veteransword
Person who receives a fief from a lord and owes serviceword
A social and governmental structure based on loyalty and landword
First emperor of Rome; began Pax Romanaperson
Class of manual wage laborersword
Spread Hellenistic Culture and established Alexandriaperson
A member of a church that broke from Rome following the Reformationword
Far away land settled and controlled by a stateword
Brought religious compromise and cultural flourishing to Englandperson
End of unified Western Europe; beginning of Middle Agesdate
Grand patron of the Renaissanceperson
Lead to Treaty of Westphalia and rise of Prussiawar
A set of stories, usually involving gods or heroes, about how the world works or why things are the way they areword
Began the Reformationperson
Administrative system that helps run the government through many departmentsword
approx. 1400-1750; period where European states formalize, economies globalize, societies stratify, and culture diversifiesword
Began French Revolution and spread of Enlightenment ideasdate
Search for solutions to political, economic, and social problems through rationalityword
Economic system where the means of production are owned by the people and profits are redistributedword
Influenced by ancient Greek or Roman forms or principlesword
Social, economic, and cultural revolutiondate
Golden Age of Athens; East/West cultural splitwar
The blend of Greek, Persian, Egyptian, and Indian cultures created and spread by Alexander the Great’s armiesword

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