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Loser of investiture controversy, was excommunicated
Greek philosopher
English queen who made a religious compromise
Austrian (Holy Roman) Empress in the Age of Absolutism
Pope who won investiture controversy and weakend the HRE
Author of Leviathan, a work of political social contract theory where men are equal and evil
Dictator of Rome, conqueror, hero
This king was so bad, they had to bring in a Dutch guy to replace him
Invented the steam engine
Won French Huguenot wars, became king but converted to Catholicism
Prussian king who expanded the military
French philosopher who believed in the power of human reason
English playwright
Athenian reformer responsible for democracy
Prussian Prime Minister who navigated the unification of Germany
First king of Italy
French peasant girl who rallied the troops to victory in the Hundred Years War
French Emperor, general, conqueror, and dessert
THE Renaissance Man
Sardinian Prime Minister who united Italy
Expanded French royal power in the high Middle Ages
Italian sculptor (David) and painter (Sistine Chapel)
Minister to French kings and creator of absolute monarchy in France
Flemish Renaissance master painter of humanistic themes!
Italian architect in Florence, likes domes
French political philosopher who admired checks and balances in government
First emperor of Rome
Developed scientific method
Conqueror from Macedonia
Created common law system of justice in the Middle Ages
Leader of the Reign of Terror and fan of head removals
Elizabeth's successor, Scottish Catholic king with a nasty dynasty
King who called the Estates General and lived (well, didn't live) through the French Revolution
Inventor of communism
Great patron of Renaissance Italy
Known forPersonExtra!
English economist who invented capitalism
German monk who had 95 problems with the Church
Greek playwright, Father of Tragedy
Frankish king; uniter and Christian convert
Italian scientist who invented the telescope
French philosopher who believed in liberty, rights, and education
Reformation alternative in Switzerland
Absolute monarch who launched the Spanish Armada
Conqueror of Greece and father of another famous conqueror
Polish scientist known for his heliocentric model of the universe
Philosophe, writer of the Encyclopedia
First European to sail to India
First Christian emperor of Rome
Egyptian empress and temptress who loved her Roman men
The German Leonardo, painter who diffused Renaissance culture to the north
Catholic half-sister of two Protestant monarchs
Early Christian missionary who brought the new religion to Rome
Roman emperor who divided the empire into East and West
Founder of Christianity
First historian, wrote Greek account of the Persian Wars
Founder of Anglican church
Leader of the Golden Age of Athens
Jerk of an English king who caused a civil war and lost his head
Greek mathematician who liked music and triangles
One of the brothers who fought for the plebs, but caused a civil war
English philosopher for womens' rights
French philosophe who criticized slavery and the Church (and the HRE)
English political philosopher, believed in revolution and natural rights
Puritan general in English Civil War, ruler of the Commonwealth
Austrian Foreign Minister who led the Congress of Vienna
Germanic king, crowned emperor in 800
Inspiration to explorers everywhere. Or at least 15th century Europe
Restored king of England after the Commonwealth
Italian political philosopher; the ends justify the means
French sun king, built Versailles

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