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Questiona,b,c,or d
France borders a.10 b.7 c.5 d. 12
The Capital of Mexico is a. Juarez b. Tenochtitlan c. Mexico City d. Guadalajara
Saudi Arabia is Bordered by a. Ethiopia b. Egypt c. Afghanistan d. Kuwait
Moldova is landlocked by these two countries a. Romania, Bulgaria b. Ukaine, Romania c. Russia, Belarus d. Not landlocked
What is the greatest country of all time (according to sporcle geographers) a. Kazakhstan b. Kyrgyzstan c. Poland d. Sao Tome and Principe
Which of these countries is recognized by sporcle but not the UN a. Taiwan b. South Korea c. Timor Leste d. Abkhazia
What is an Isthmus a. A volcanoe in the ocean b. Another word for a canal c. An island whose territory is contested d. A small strip of land connecting two larger pieces of land
Which of these Islands is NOT a part of Italy a. Sardina b. Crete c. Sicily d. All of the above are part of Italy
Questiona,b,c,or d
How many countries have congo as part of there name a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
How many countries are there in the world a. 127 b. 163 c. 196 d. 257
What country does poland have the longest border with a. Czech Republic b. Russia c. Belarus d. Germany
Which of these countries is land locked a. Moldova b. Greece c. Cambodia d. Peru
What is a strait a. A mountain range on an island b. A small section of straight river c. A small strip of water connecting to larger bodies of water d. A small canyon
Which country borders Denmark a. Sweden b. Germany c. Norway d. Netherlands
What two countries that are both recognized by the UN claim the entirety of each others land a. China, Taiwan b. Georgia, Abkhazia c. India, Pakistan d. South Korea, North Korea

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