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Can you name the person who had this confessional in the first episode of Survivor Cambodia?

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Confessional Person
The Angkor Wat temple, that's a total metaphor for this whole game because, you know, you get a little bit of damage, but you know what? You can build yourself up.
You know, when I look back on my season, I made a lot of mistakes.
Out of the gate, I want to pull away some people that I want to work with and just lock it down.
And this time, I want to be fearless and I wanna see that person I was at the end of the game, at the beginning of the game and just leave it all out on the island.
I didn't want my family or my church members to be disappointed in the way I played the game.
The last time I was on Survivor, I didn’t form the relationships that I should have.
I can take this second chance and I can make the moves that I wanted to make and have a better game.
Second time is going to be a whole lot different. No fumbling this time.
Either I am going to be totally in charge of my tribe or I’m going to dramatically overplay and flame out really quickly.
I am living the dream.
Confessional Person
I didn't manipulate the women. I just manipulated some of their perspective and that’s so much what Survivor is about and I’m good at that.
I'm much stronger, and smarter, and I'm a mom now-- I've given birth, okay, I can do anything at this point, right?
I'm back for some redemption.
I think I’m stronger now.
Being more emotionally aware, I think I'm in a better place in life than I've ever been to play and win this game.
It’s been a long time since I’ve played and I believe that there is a huge difference between old-school players and new-school
I was a bit of a troublemaker my season.
It is super-honorable.
This is my opportunity to rewrite my own story.
It was something that I really wanted to do to prove to myself that I can make it that far in the game

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