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(Talking to Wes) You're as mentally strong as that (BLANK)
I watch all types of sports and I'm pretty darn sure this is John Rocker, the relief pitcher for the (BLANK) and he was an a** when he played then, he might be still an a** now.
Come to find out, Val's husband is a (BLANK). That is going to be a bond.
Y’know, but we still spank, we still whoop, whatever you want to call it in the (BLANK).
I just don't see many Joshes in (BLANK).
(Talking about the idol) Matter of fact, it just kinda (BLANK) out at me, kinda scared me
Uh... I might be by myself but you know, I gotta a little idol. Matter of fact, it's in my (BLANK)
Wesley's birthday is today. As a matter of fact, I woke up this morning and forgot all about it and then, uh, (BLANK) wished him Happy Birthday before I did.
Wesley was letting Nat know that he didn't want to be (BLANK). I don't know if they took that hint. It was kinda just a little subtle hint really.
(BLANK)'s a gamer. He plays and he knows how to talk to folks and figure stuff out, mathematic numbers and all that mess which is way above me.
Tribal Council was crazy. Didn't go quite as we anticipated and, um, (BLANK) went home.
I've never had a (BLANK) before. I mean, don't tell nobody about all that, you know.
I don't want the guys at the fire station knowing I'm going to a masseuse and getting all this other (BLANK) stuff
The challenge table was sort of like (BLANK). It got four handles and you just pass a ball to a paddle, over an obstacle, to another paddle
I'm in the final four, you know, like the NCAA (BLANK) playoffs.
ConfessionalMissing Word
Yeah, I oughta have this by (BLANK), right? Your mind goes on the 37th or 8th Day or whatever.
Last time I kind of coasted on by for a while, even without an (BLANK).
I get up in the morning, I have a cup of coffee and I go to work like (BLANK)% of Americans do.
I think Joe is a free spirit, pretty boy with the hair. Yeah, great, great around camp. Peel stuff, chop stuff. But, uh, (BLANK), that-that-- that’s Joe.
Two people ain’t going to get you nowhere, but (BLANK), yeah, could bring you all the way to the end.
She stirs up a lot of (BLANK), and at this point, yeah, I-I’d just soon let her go.
Here I am driving a tuk tuk on the beach in Cambodia with my (BLANK), hauling ‘em around like a taxi driver.
I oughta get my driver’s license-- Cambodia driver’s license. That would be something slick. You (BLANK), we’ll haul. Just call me up and I’ll come get ya.
(BLANK) ain’t fun. Going on a cruise is fun. You know, going fishing is fun. Going to play golf is fun. This ain’t fun. I mean, look at me. Golly!
I don’t care if you would’ve brought my fifth cousin from my (BLANK)-- just some kind of relative.
They sent Joe to the (BLANK).
Well, they’d say, “Well, he just got back from (BLANK) ‘cause he d*** sure ain’t in Cambodia.”
I’ve never seen a (BLANK) like that, and much less be part of one. After all’s said and done and all the ties, and votes, and unanimous stuff, and idols played...
(BLANK) goes to the house, but I was on the chopping block. Go figure that out.
When you got options, it’s a good thing. I mean, God dang, the (BLANK) nail ain’t in the coffin.

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