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QUIZ: Can you name the castaway who gave these final words in Survivor Cambodia?

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Final WordsCastaway
But anyway… crazy ride out here. I wanna thank all of America for giving me this great adventure. I tried to bring it home for the ol guys-- it just, uh, a couple of days shy.
So win or lose, it was an achievement of a lifetime, and I'm stoked to, uh, be a part of this Survivor family.
But… in terms of the life adventure, in terms of the charge to move forward with the second half of my life, I absolutely got what I needed and I'm very grateful.
I proved that, at least in my mind, I can hang with some unbelievable Survivors. I played the game, the strategy game pretty darn well, except for… Ha!, two minutes ago.
It's a much different game this time than it was last time. It's not really my style, so… they can have at it.
You give it your all… that's all you have, you know? And I never gave up. So, I mean, I'm proud of myself.
...That alone, for me, was a million-dollar experience, and I have the fans to thank for it.
I got people to play a little bit harder and I can genuinely say I went out with a fight, and at least I can go home with that peace.
I think that I gained a lot of personal growth, and I'm happy not to be with those crazy people anymore.
Final WordsCastaway
Our second chance survivor is right here.
This time I came in, and I wanted to build relationships with people and work on my social game, and I think I had a good change for the eighteen days.
I guess you can say I was officially blindsided. I feel like my second chance was a bit of a disappointment.
I came out here and I tried to find people I wanted to work with and apparently they saw me as a big threat. Like, it's total respect.
You know, I've had-- I've had tremendous highs, I've had terrible lows, and I'm grateful for both.
I was in a totally fine position until I went crazy and blew up my game. I had an awesome opening act and then… killed myself.
But you know what? If they wanna throw their it-- their lot in with Abi, like, good luck to them. You know, she's a handful.
I mean, I'm bummed that I didn't make it all the way to the end, but just like the risks I took in the game this time, it was everything I wanted to be.

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