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It is illegal to climb trees in this town in Ontario, Canada
The inside lining of your stomach turns red when you do this.
A bolt of lightning is ___ times hotter than the sun.
This percent of Earth's population naturally has green eyes.
This is the number of scents your nose can remember.
This animal recognizes and admires them selves in a mirror.
Children have_____ taste buds than adults.
A snail breathes through its_____.
A Venus day is _____ Earth days.
This fruit contains more Vitamin C than oranges.
This type of fish doesn't have a stomach.
A full moon is____ times brighter than a half of a moon.
Shark pregnancies can last up to____ years.
Smiling boosts your______ system.
Dogs and______ are the only animals that understand pointing.
______ are more acidic than vinegar.
Caterpillars have about_____ muscles.
The Mona Lisa has no________.
The first color photograph was taken in______.
_____ Earths can fit inside Uranus.
_____ can only swim backwards.
_____ are the most consumed fruit in the world.
_________ is the only vegetable that is also a flower.
The only lizard that has a voice is a ______.
The human brain is about ___% water.
Eating onion and______ can help your hair grow.
It takes this long for a brass doorknob to disinfect itself.
Of the five senses, which one is most linked to memory?
This type of bird can't walk.
It is illegal to be overweight in______.
This Disney movie costed more than James Cameron's 'Avatar.'
This fruit is more effective of waking you up than coffee.
This was the first non-human to win an Oscar.
Placing this on a wound will quicken the healing process and reduce pain.
Which of your lungs is smaller? Left or Right
You always see the same side when you see a _____ moon.
This is your largest organ that makes up the human body.
This is the only fruit with seeds growing on the outside.
This is your most sensitive finger.
This country is named after a tree.

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