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Who was almost late to the airport because his alarm never went off?
What are the numbers?
What is the name of Sun and Jin's daughter?
What is the name of Driveshaft's most popular song?
What is Frank's favorite baseball team?
How many times did Michael shoot Libby?
What is the fake name Kate gives to the farmer in season 1?
What is the name of the song that starts playing when they get the VW Bus started?
Who does Jack see first when waking up after the original plane crash?
What is the name of the song that Charlie composes while Claire is cutting his hair?
What is Bernard's profession?
Which two actors won Emmy's? (In the order they won)
Who composed the music for the entire show?
What's Ana Lucia's drink?
The french song that Rousseau wrote on the maps and Shannon translated has an English version at the end of what movie?
What football (soccer) team does Desmond support?
Where did the clicking sound from the smoke monster come from?
Who was Hurley playing chess with when Sayid comes to rescue him from the mental hospital?
What is the book that Naomi has with her when she crashes onto the island?
Where is Jack when he gets a tattoo?
What is the name of the Dharma station where the Tailies stay after the crash?
What are the color of the man's shoes who Eloise knew was going to die?
What is Nadia's real name?
Desmond told Daniel Faraday to set his device to 2.342, and ocillates at how many hertz? (to convince him that he was from the future)
What is the name of Jack's son in the flashsideways?
What is the nickname Sawyer gives to Mr. Friendly before they knew his name?
What does Juliet try to make for her book club meeting (but she burns them)?

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