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Can you name the wizards of waverly place spells?

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Forced Order
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description of spellspellepisode
duplicates someonecrazy 10 minute sale
turns back timefirst kiss
makes someone a good waitressnew employee
puts a jacket on someoneenchanted evening
gives you pancakesenchanted evening
transports you to another placeenchanted evening
gives you a bat earalex's choice
turns someone into an animalcurb your dragon
turns someone into a humancurb your dragon
sort of turns off gravity so someone can walk on walls and stuff; requires 2 wizards to perform the spellalex's brother, maximan
switches 2 people's bodiesquincenera, and family game night
puts a chain on someoneart teacher
fixes a room and makes it big after being shrunkenhugh's not normous
switches 2 people's hairfamily game night
brings an in-animate object to lifepop me and we both go down, and alex's spring fling
puts an animate object back to in-animatepop me and we both go down, and alex's spring fling
description of spellspellepisode
the ability to levitate liquidspotion commotion
makes someone run 26.2 miles really fastmarathoner helper
sends mail with a portal key to any person or placewiztech part 1
shrinks someone down to a puny sizedoll house
makes someone not quitwiztech part 2
turns someone into a washing machinenight at the lazerama
gives the ability of telekinesisthe supernatural
erases peoples minds of the last few minutesthe supernatural
puts a sweater on someonealex in the middle
turns peoples heads around their bodiesalex in the middle
the ability to drain a placealex in the middle
makes someone transport ten feetalex in the middle
freezes time as long as you hop on one footcredit check
makes an in-animate object go through anythingart museum piece
puts a person in a bookgraphic novel
puts markers on floor awaythree monsters

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