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Forced Order
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What is the name of Sam's fiance?
What does Rosalie get Bella for her birthday?
Where do the Volturi live?
Why does Victoria want to kill Bella?
Who kills Laurent?
Where does Jacob go to school?
After the incident at the movie theater, what illness does Bella think Jacob has?
What does Bella do that makes Paul mad and he turns into a werewolf?
Why did Bella's finger start bleeding at the Cullen's house?
Who is the only person that says that Bella should not become a vampire?
Who is the leader of the Volturi?
What movie do Bella, Mike, and Jacob see?
What movie is Bella's English class watching on her birthday?
Where does Edward take bella to tell her that he's leaving?
Who finds Bella on the forest floor after Edward leaves?
What form of transportation does Bella bring to Jacob to fix up?
Who has a heart attack?

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