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what about my tiki warrior outfit?
i'm so excited for the clubs talent show!
These are your school chumps not the fuddy-dutty lava springs staff.
i'm starting to miss detention with ms. darbus
gabriella and i have had like 5 job interviews but we keep getting beat out college kids.
where's the first tee and what's the course record?!
you're crazy wildcat!!
you must remember young thesbians learning is never seasonal!
i guess i'm back to the babysitting biz.
help! i need a lifeguard! rescue me!
mr danforth this is a kitchen not a day spa!
but it's summer ry. everything changes!
whats your favorite summer memory ms. darbus?
so troy does gabriella remember your name or did she find someone new to karoke with
could be gabriella. whenever she calls he just blushes.
hey bulton! that's my ball!
so do allow the shimmering lights of summer to reflect and illuminate your fertile young minds!
a team that washes dishes together wins together!
her mom makes the best brownies!
can we all redirect this energy by carrying in the groceries?

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