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Tracy's wife nameA
store where Liz goes and gets jeans that make her butt look really goodB
when Tracy goes to the hospital for his wife to have a baby, he gets there in the______C
book that Liz writes and show that she almost hostsD
necklace that Tracy gets that says this and stands for 4 awards he wants to getE
microwave that Jack invents but can't come up with a name for itF
name of guy who Jack hires and is eco-friendly; character played by David SchwimmerG
show that Jenna is on after she makes a statement about hating the troopsH
what Liz and Pete think Tracy is when he doesn't say the words on the teleprompter rightI
vice president of GEJ
fund that Jack makes up for his dad to get a kidneyK
name of doctor that all the characters on the show go toL
name of Jack's dad M
city where TGS's studio isN
Jack said that Liz's ________ looks like a closetO
restaurant that Jack loves and it is very expensive; he especially loves one dessert and wants to go there with Elisa but is stopped by going to churchP
Liz said in the beginning of season 2 that over the summer she started making thisQ
movie tht Jenna is in and liz hates it; Jenna's name in it is Constance JusticeR
Spanish cheese doodles that Liz has a weakness forS
show that Liz is the head writer forT
Liz says that she used a Duane Reade bag as thisU
Jenna's mother's nameV
place where Jack goes at the end of season 2 after Don Geiss slips into a comaW
in the beginning of season 1 Tracy takes everyone on this and they realize that he stole itY

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