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condition of weakness/ feeling of uneasyness
quatlity of being persistence
not ceasing
disorder of mental faculties
to involve oneself in a matter without invatation
profane language
an older woman serving as a escort of a young lady
free from or unnafected by passion
willingess to believe with no edivence
cheerful readiness
wild or wild looking/ tired
characterized by intense feeling
to decorate of to add beauty
common place boring or dull
to laugh heartily
into seperate parts
having or excersising the power of powerfull speach
extremely pleased or happy
sudden attack of illness or uneasiness
to treat with scorn
very little money
highest point
indifferent to moral restraints
the act of process of ramifying
intended to harm or trap
to become mixed, blended, or united
agreement or to agree
distinctive persuasive quality
to speak harmful untruths about things
the face aspect or appearence
expert or nimble
ragged edge
to disuade someone
a particular form of expression
to annoy or to make worse
characterized by someones flashyness
pertained to a burial or a tomb
person with no friends, helpless person usually a child
to happen or occur
an answer to a reply
awareness/ realization
a state of being happy/ or exxuberant
keenly distressing to the feelings, arousing sympathy
to pass or move along
to obtain or get by care/effort
red or reddish
having keen mental perception
muslim or hindu monk considered a miracle worker
the state of being weak or frail
to wriggle around violently
disgusting animal
addicted to drink
to turn away
to disturb the self possesion of
to make or use gestures
to dispose of by last will
lacking in vigor or strength
to wipe out
to permit or tolerate/ appearance
one in a muslim religous order
a deep cast chasm
easily understood
gloomily or sullenly ill humored as a person
in prompt or direct manner
to render or declare legally void
dominering in a haughty manner
looking or sounding exxageratingly sad
not intrested or concerned
belonging or pertaining to the saurian group. ex,) lizards
undescribable in words
devouring and wanting large quantitys of food
characterized by lack of seriosness
steadfastly courageous/ valiant
not specific
lack of usual comforts
unspokenly understood
one who posses big high rank
near death
rudely brief
characterized by greed
the act of manifesting
no longer used obslete
taken/ done with stealth
something that gives flavor or a twist
a characteristic or hapit
to perplex or to amaze
monkey or ape type creature
to have a restless longing
incapable of being upset or agitated
not domesticated/ wild
causing fear
to become smaller/ shrink
full of riotness
to spend time idely
an authoratative pronouncent/ a saying
temperory stay
indefinetly small

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