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Can you name the Two and a half men character who said the title of the episode in two and a half men season eleven?

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Forced Order
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I think I banged lucille ball
This unblessed buscuit
Clank clank drunken skank
Alan Harper pleasing women since 2003
Justice in star spangled hot pants
Some kind of lesbian zombie
Mr walden he die I clean room
NĂºmero uno accidente lawyer
On vodka on soda on blender on mixer
Tazed in the lady nuts
Baseball boobs boobs baseball
Bite me supreme court
Three fingers of creme de menthe
Cab fare and a bottle of penicillin
How to get rid of Alan harper
Welcome home jake
West side story
Lan Mao shi zai wuding shang
Lotta delis in little armenia
Dial 1900 mix alot
Oh wald e good times ahead

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