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Can you name the The Simpsons character who said these quotes in the Simpsons season two?

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Forced Order
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I kissed the teacher
I have hair I have hair
Wait there's still some more space dust on here
She's right take me home Smithers we'll destroy something tasteful
There's only one thing worse than being a loser it's being one of those guys who sits at a bar telling the story of how he became a loser
Simpson I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave I hope you understand
I hope your happy Bart you ruined thanksgiving
Two titans at the height of their careers if you ask me this is going to be one hell of a match
Where would an innocent child get the idea to attack her father with a mallet
Hey cool I'm dead
For gods sake don't eat another bite mr Simpson I shall be blunt we have reason to believe you've eaten poison
English who needs that I'm never going to England cmon let's go smoke
Beats the hell out of me
I'll tell you one thing greasy joe is sorry he ever saw the likes of me
Holy moly the bastards rich
No way you can't give my dog away I'll set fire to my hair I'll rip up all my clothes I'll put sugar in the gas tank
I have no son
Forgive us dad but it takes time to properly sugarcoat a response
More asbestos more asbestos
She says one word and I toss it back and you're telling me our marriage is in trouble come here baby
Until this moment I never knew why God put me on this earth but now I know why to buy that comic book
Sir it's $32000

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