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Can you name the the simpsons character who said these quotes in the simpsons season thirteen?

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Forced Order
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Marge, that curse is just a lot of silly superstition Right, Lisa See? 2 means yes!
Hey, knock it off! These pants cost $600.Really? Yeah, they're Italian All right, hand 'em over.Moe, what the...Yeah, I rob now.
I shot moe this time I really am gonna faint
Were in love snake
I did it! I found our dog! Now our Christmas is complete We were looking for Lisa.
How do those Parker Brothers sleep at night?
Oh, what gave it away, out of curiosity? Was it the 'hoyven' or the 'mayven' or the whole 'g'hoy-veen' thing that I do?
So many previews, so many previews, so many previews...
Oh! I can't take his money, I can't print my own money, I have to work for money. Why don't I just lie down and die?
Lisa women are easy state capitals are hard
Did I forget to mention im an alcoholic
Woo-hoo! And I want driving gloves. No way dead dead dead dead
No way I'm cleaning up this mess
How come you talked for $400? Well then they started pressuring me for more donations and you cant hang up on a nun thats right they have powers
Sixty minutes oh my god Mr burns has been in the tub for an hour
This baby thinks of nothing but trendy Hollywood celebrities.We can learn much from your species.
He cant be the hulk I'm the hulk
I saw you and that Squishee Lady canoodling like junkyard rabbits!
Iget knocked down I get knocked down again your never gonna knock me down
You tied up the judicial system costing the city millions of dollars just for a tv show
Our town gas dodged disaster and Ive come out smelling like guest room soap

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