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Can you name the The Simpsons character who said these quotes in the Simpsons season ten?

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Forced Order
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Your names Lisa shut up I love that name
Let's just say I'm sitting in the right chair
Who's Nelson
Snake but your dead I know you are but what am I
Let's get him
Great I'll go shoot Myself for bringing this up
Hi Lisa hi principal skinner hi Super Nintendo chalmers
This ghost town is gonna be great now with 30% more gunfights
Rats I'm outraged you promised me dog or higher
Blame me if you must but don't ever speak ill of the program the program is rock solid the program is sound
Milhouse spread the word we're seeing this movie that's right were breaking curfew
Cause you can really go places in the travel business Huh feel free to use that one What one
Max power he's the man whose name you'd love to touch but you mustn't touch
I am so sick of that damn code
No one has ever asked me that before in my life
Crime doesn't take a vacation
Uh yeah I need something that will keep me awake alert and reckless all night long
Where's your messiah now
Well I'm flunking math and the other day I was a little attracted to milhouse
What did he say put on our tuxedos I want some taquitos
A sober Irishman even rarer
Faster you moron
Spare my life and I will give you three wish gaah

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