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Can you name The Simpsons character who said these quotes in the Simpsons season six?

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Forced Order
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Hey Bart your epidermis is showing
No you regained consciousness Allison got first chair and believe me this is not a dream
Wait that did end in heartbreak thanks for opening up old wounds mom
Remember we're in the itchy lot
You want the truth you can't handle the truth no truth handler you ba I deride your truth handling abilities
You stay here til you're no longer insane hmm chili will be good tonight
There's not you used me skinner you used me
Saved I love being a s s s s simpson
Under the sea under the sea there'll be no accusations just friendly crustaceans under the sea
I'm sure he meant to say serious drinking
Letmeoff letmeoff letmeoff letmeoff letmeoff
Shut up
Don't forget your here forever
Let's go burn down the observatory so this'll never happen again
You mean I get five percent off in store just because I look like I mean just because I am krusty the clown
L L L Lisa
Football in the groin football in the groin
Well we're up to 15
See my vest
In my weaker moments I almost pity them then I just remind myself they're trying to teach
Like when a sign says do not feed the bears man you better not feed the bears
The garage hey fellas the garage well ohh la do da mr French man
Your gonna lemon tree
Hey man are you ok

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