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Can you name the The Simpsons Character who said these quotes in the Simpsons season nine?

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Forced Order
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Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh
And maybe it's not perfect but at least I'm back where I belong I was born a no goodnick and I'll die a no goodnick
To Lisa never forget your daddy loves Doh
But aquaman you cannot Marry a woman without gills your from two different worlds Oh I've wasted my life
I'd like to buy your deadliest gun please
Hey tubby want another pop tart tubby I'm comfortable with who I am
I wish I had an elephant you did his name was stampy you loved him oh yeah
See the angel see the angel it's my angel no one else's next to the rakes
Red room red room over there
Fifteen thousand missoulians holy shlamola waddaya gonna do with all that kabblingy
Because of you all I got a tune in my head and the only way to make it stop is to make you all dead
You better not be in my ass groove Homer what it took me years to form that groove
Na na na na na na na na leader na na na na na na na na leader
Yeah you and your stupid grapefruit almost got us killed
Me so solly
Who cares your goin out with me
So I'm gonna be a failure
He's gonna smell like hot dogs
Is that true and why did you think you could lie to me it's my first day very well your fired
Barney that was me and I'd do it again
Pray for mojo
Dad is this one of those situations that can be resolved with a simple apology
Gyme what's a gyme oh a gyme
Feeling stupid I know I am
Marge can we trade I don't trust these guys

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