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Can you name the the simpsons character who said these quotes in the simpsons season fourteen?

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Forced Order
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Now Before I abandon you in this cornfield does anyone remember the way home I do anybody else anybody else come on
You took some pills you found on the floor
I'm spending all my money on religous pay per view or as I like to call it pray per view
Yeehaw hey elephant I got one word for you columbo no thats not it modesto daktari nintendo oh
God I wish I had that little outfit yeah those golden curls are to die for
I thought I could get it while it was in the recharger I was wrong
Damn straight she will, ya brunch-eatin' popinjay! Yer woman's in Orlando, man! Ya can't take two steps there without fallin' into a tunnel of love!
Hey! That's not yer locker!You know, you're the spitting image of the Aberdeen strangler Movin' on.
Quiet her muscular ears can hear us
Let us pray dear lord please spare this sinful town they were misled by a demon in blue pants
Hahaha! You're baby stink breath, you're baby stink breath! Au Francais. Vous etes bebe stink breath!
Bart said 'I am pee'. He's made of pee!
Flanders, I'm always interested in talking about free milk and if there's cookies involved, so much the better.
I vow to reach out to the Latino community!
Sweetie these things are gonna take time I just found the door shutting thing
You mean that 10 year old with a mustache was a phony
Goodbye Homer I try to save our marriage you just get drunk and spend the whole night with your homosexual boyfriends reverand lovejoy mrs lovejoy principal skinner duffman
That's despicable your the kind of slicker my family left central park west to avoid you got alot of chutzpah missy
Please I'm not ___________ anymore
I cant drive 55 because it only goes 38
Well, well, well! Looks like a couple of punks are going to be taking the 'Last Train to Clarksville'!
That man is a hero

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