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Can you name the Seinfeld character who said these quotes in Seinfeld season three?

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Forced Order
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Hi George
Kramer saw me naked
Say what say what
Ok farfel put your shoes on
Can't stand ya
Go home to your Dumbbells work on your pecs I'm really impressed that's right you heard me you got a problem with that
You bad man you very very bad man
Whoa that was you
Well your as pretty as any of them you just need a nose job
The dingo ate your baby
See you know how to take the reservation you just don't know how to hold the reservation
Elaine you don't understand I had 103 temperature when I bought that sweater I was so dizzy I was seeing red dots everywhere
No no no you don't understand I'm not a lesbian I hate men but I'm not a lesbian
You cant break up with me I've got hand and you're going to need it
Drakes coffee cake give me that
Thick lustrous hair is very important to me
Vandaley say vandaley
The next thing you know he'll have you driving him to the airport I'm not driving him to the airport
I'll be o brien
You know if you wanna make a person feel better after they sneeze you shouldn't say god bless you you should say you're soo good lookin
She's a thief
Wild pack of teenagers huh
No you cant be trusted

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