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Can you name the Futurama character who said these quotes in futurama season two?

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Forced Order
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Your going back for the countess arent you
What? After I spent MONTHS slaving over a hot monkey brain
Surely you know McNeal. She is an unmarried human female struggling to succeed in a human male's world.
I cant stop drinkng this delicious ooze but Im not gonna let you die
Stupid can opener! You killed my father, and now you've come back for me!
No matter. I'll simply cut it from here with the ship's laser Sir, I don't think that's wise.Kif, if there's one thing I don't need it's your I-don't-think-that's-wise attitude..
And once I'm swept into office, I'll sell our children's organs to zoos for meat and I'll go into people's houses at night and wreck up the place.
Leela! Oh, my God! You saved my life. I am gonna get you so many lizards!
'Cause he's a loser, that's why. He's the lobster equivalent of Fry
There you are, good as new. Except for your dorsal fin. I'm afraid we couldn't find it after the crash. Can I live without it? If you call that living.
Sweet llamas of the Bahamas! Except for that stylish beard, he looks just like Bender!
I will destroy you! And stop calling me!
I love stealing, I love taking things!
When I was four there was a hurricane in Kingston TownWith a foot and a half of waterEveryone was alright but I cried all night,It blew my alphabet blocks out of order,
Fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it... fix it, fix it, fix it!
Dr. Zoidberg, since when do you even wear boots?I wasn't wearing it I was eating it..
Are they the Robot Mafia?
wish they'd just wipe out humanity and get it over with. It's the waiting I can't stand.
Jerkwad robots make me sick to my ass!
Sweet giant anteater of Saint Anita! The Professor's been eaten by giant anteaters!

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