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Can you name the futurama character who said these quotes in futurama season three?

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Forced Order
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Hey thats my last beer you bastard Ill kill you I'll kill you too buddy I'll kill you too
Bender if you say the A-word you'll blow this planet straight to the H-word
It's a relief to meet you amy I'm just having a hard time adjusting to all the strange stuff here in the future
Ever wonder what makes special sauce so special Yo
Me want snu snu
Alright that's the necessary number of times the scab is gonna have a little on the job accident
Ow fire hot
Good heavens a chance to work with the legendary Harold zoid he's one of my great idols and and you say you can guarantee me the oscar
That's right being a captain is about intuitionand heart a goodcaptain can't have either one that's why cold logical bender is perfect for the job
Wait a second that's my name good lord he ditched his goofy name and stole mine
Hey I smoke a cigar not a candy cane sheesh
Jeez red quit cowering you call yourself a robot
It's called a van and in light of the fact that it's not a rockin I invite you to come a knockin
Did you just say Too late hot plate oh crap
No thanks mom I'd rather make out with my Monroe bot

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