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Can you name the Family guy character who said these quotes in family guy season two?

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Forced Order
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Holy crap oh you sweet old broad I love you
I was wrong about you you've gone soft on me holy father even a tambourine shaking baptist could tell this boys no good
Silly rabbit trix are for kids damn long ears trying to take Easter away from jesus
How dare you soil my good name by spreading your slanderous filth
I have a question for you too why are you still here
Hey wait wait wait you cannot tell anyone I'm here for if humanity discovers I'm no longer lurking in the shadows consequences could be dire
You your the worst thing to happen to musical theater since Andrew Lloyd Webber and you I just plain don't like you
Oh my god dads a chick
You pretended Chris was dying to save a tv show your a monster
Kid your talking to a guy who uses his tongue for toilet paper
Wait a minute you cant just push me aside I made you and I can destroy you damn they must have put it in the wrong baby
That's it I want those cameras off
Geez can we not talk about curtains for two seconds I got another one of those relationship tapes
I had such a crush on her until I met you Lois your my silver medal
You convinced me to keep a job I hate just so you could fly free
Here's my invitation now get the asterisk percent ampersand out of here you sob what's a sob
Call the damn exterminator
Oh this is a new territory of Pretoria I call it joehio
Duh duh duh duh
Yes Jimmie what happened
I'm not here to impress you am I dad

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