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Can you name the Corner gas character who said these quotes in corner gas season one?

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Forced Order
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And tell my crank of a father to go home and look up the word retired
See ruby never charged me for coffee kind of a tip of the hat for keeping the peace around here
We're full
In two minutes it will be 9:30 if you are not in bed by 9:30 I will be coming upstairs and I won't be coming empty handed
Other than Brent Emma and Davis you got no proof
You are a damn fine lookin man Oscar Leroy and dont you forget it
Give me a call if you ever move back to Toronto
I'm a senior
They are not Barbie phones
You can never leave the game
I didn't sleep with Hank
Why don't you speak leavaphorically
Because it's a glove compartment your not suppose to put other things in there

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