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Can you name the American dad character who said these quotes in American dadseason three?

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Forced Order
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Francine I swear on the lives of our future grandchildren that only Steve will be able to give us this is real
Do you know what he just did with it
These aren't your in laws because they're mine
It's as if something has been done to her brain likes her brain has been put through a cleaning process and rubbed vigorously with soap and water
Hey killer how was the kill you need to wash the blood off your hands or better yet dont
I think what's going on in there is wrong I think what's going on in there is wrong so taking what's in there and raising it in there is super wrong
Halo and goodbye not even a smile I said halo instead of hello screw you thats funny
Don't have to that's not who I am
Beer shaken not stirred
You ever notice how rolos make you drool
Never cry over a **** Steve never Mama
Where would a communist go Cuba China back in time to kill Betsy Ross
I have no idea I leave the house in dusguise but six rob roys later things happen that I can't be responsible for
My bitch is horny
Have a little hot dog with your ketchup

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