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Can you name the American dad character who said these quotes in American dad season one?

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Forced Order
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Quote Character
Ok I got a little carried away back there
The smiths die with dignity
Haleys working at a booby bar and she traded shifts with tina
There it is
He's alive
I'll tell you who the terrorists
Clooney you smug bastard stop playing basketball and get married like the rest of us
Oh well I shined your super large shoes you stallion and I picked up your prescription of Viagra that's one lucky lady
Acid lava and your crotch these are things you must not touch
So our son is a geek who cares
You just keep your pretty little mouth shut and everything will be punky Brewster
One of these days Francine one of these days right in the kisser
Quote Character
Nuh nuh now I I don't know what you've heard about American girls but we don't go hopping into bed with some guy we've only just met
Enough now tomorrow you two are gonna spend the day together and reconnnect or I will lose it so help me God I will cut your pretty faces
Watch it klaus or I'm gonna cram this bad boy 20 000 leagues up your butt
A shame to waste this well I suppose there's always ebay yes I'll kill the enemies I made on ebay
Things your fax machine might say yes I'm halfway up the pyramid your watching the price is right
If I don't buy all these things the terrorists win and don't tell me it's not a competition because it so is
Well it's been fun hey do me a solid keep me out of the suicide note uh
All right I'm packed and ready to party party time enjoy your last look at my ass cause I'm gonna party it off
Man these hours are brutal no wonder those doctors on scrubs don't have time to be funny I like scrubs
And no one I mean no one is going to get in the way of our friendship so just shut your skinny mouth get in the bottom bunk and go to sleep
That knuckle dragging son of a bitch

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