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Can you name the American dad character who said these quotes in American dad season two

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Forced Order
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In the words of every sitcom character in the early 90s and everyone in the midwest through the rest of the 90s don't go there
That's one impressive man handsome fit the whole package
Son of a bitch he mind raped me
Don't tell me you voted for he who shall not be named
Hello Jeff woman you worship talking
What does Steve see in Debbie maybe he's going to turn her into condos
This is the first time in 20 winters we've done something together and now your dumping me to skate with roger why Stan why
It's fun to play dress up not all the time but sometimes not this time
Let's talk about it over your brains maybe all over the place
Ah pillow gun where danger and comfort meet 200 thread count 200 dead count
You heartless bitch I'm kidding
Check it out I blinded us with science
I'm afraid we've got some chocolate in our peanut butter
It's just I haven't seen a woman in over a decade and I'm so desperate
I thought she was a terrorist
Your growling can intrigues me
Oh my god oh my god I'm not beloved I'm hated I'm surrounded by people who hate me it's our wedding all over again except I'm you
Men don't do what they like men get wives and jobs to keep them from what they like
Night ranger man night ranger

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