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Forced Order
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Big Days: Lily is Angry Because Marshall told _____ They were Try to have a baby
Cleaning House: What is the Name of James's real Father
Unfinished: In this Episode Robn gets Drunk and Does what
Subway Wars:What Transportation Does Ted Take
Architect Of Destruction: What is the Name of the Buliding that GNB want to tear down
Baby Talk: What do Claudia and Stuart name their Baby
Canning Randy: Robin's new co anchor Becky appears in a commercial about what
Natural History: What Does Zoey's Husband call Himself
Glitter: Whats Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter's Song called
Blitzgiving: Name 1 out of the 3 people who became the Blitz the this Episode
The Mermaid Theory: At the end of this Episode Ted Walks in the Bar Wearing What
False Positive: What Does Robin Audition to be in Million Dollar Heads or Tails
Bad News: What Was the number on the Specimen Jar
Last Words: What Movie does Marvin tell Marshall to watch,right before he dies
Oh Honey: Who Guest Stars in This Episode
Desperation Day: What Does Lily Name her Pillow
Garbage Island: Who is shown to have Gotten Married in the Future
A Change Of Heart: What Happened to Barney's Heart, While on his date with Nora
Legendaddy: What is Teds Gap, What Word does Ted Pronounce Wrong
The Exploding Meatball Sub: Marshall leavs GNB to Join what
Hopeless: What Bar to the Gang end up going to
The Perfect Cocktail: What Drink Makes Lily Come on to Robin
Landmarks: Lily comes up with a plan to Declare the Aracadian as not a Landmark. What do they take from the Arcadian
Challenge Accepted: Lily Thinks she has Food Poisoning But what is she Really

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